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to change background colour

  1. open menu *windows → preferencesgeneraleditorstext editors
    • browse appearance color options
    • select background color options, uncheck default, change to black
    • select background color options, uncheck default, change to colour of choice

to change text colours

  1. open javaeditorsyntax colouring
    • select element from java
    • change colour
    • list item

to change java editor font

  1. open menu windowspreferencesgeneralappearancecolors and fonts
    • select javajava editor text font from list
    • click on change and select font


on windows or mac, you can find this setting under the generaleditorstext editors menu.


... on a mac, preferences' is under the main 'aptana studio 3' menu rather than the 'windows' menu as mentioned above.


switch to theme... is also an option

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if you go to windows, preferences then select general, editors, text editors, you can set colors on that property page (and there's a link for setting more colors - general, appearance, colors and fonts).

that's with an eclipse 3.3 build anyway.


the easiest way is to install the plugin is from the eclipse marketplace. go to help→eclipse marketplace, then search for eclipse color theme and install it.


you can install eclipse theme plugin then select default. please visit here:


if you are having trouble with eclipse 2019 and using a dark theme and setting the background and having it not change: there seems to be a recent eclipse bug. i suggest you look here or here for workarounds.


background color of views (navigator, console, tasks etc) is set according to the desktop (system) settings. on linux/gnome i changed system/preferences/appeareance to change this color.

editor colors are set chaotically by different editors, search for background in eclipse preferences to find different options. one easy way to get beautiful dark (and not only dark) themes is to install afae plugin, and then pick theme within its preferences (twilight theme is beautiful, for example) - again, eclipse prefs, afae group. of course this applies only when you edit with afae.


under windows → preferences → general → apperance you can find a dark theme.


i just came across this: eclipse colour themes

install the plugin and choose from a selection of pre-defined themes, or write your own. just what i needed!

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