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eclipse's welcome screen causes this kind of bug in the editor specifically ( sometimes you can find that when you restart can't move with control+arrow in the editor but you can in other views like console window.

you can disable welcome screen ( in most eclipse based ides it's a checkbox in the welcome screen ) and then restart eclipse just to be sure it won't happend again. everything will work again.


on menu window->preferences->general->keys click on "restore defaults" button and everything works again.


the permanent solutions suggested here work perfectly well. however, there might be some cases when you are not in a position to restart the ide / workspace (maybe you are running a localhost server) - and you are really used to ctrl + backspacing and the like; i have a quicker workaround - just close and reopen any file that you need to edit. the bug only affects files that were open at start - ones that auto open (likely from the last session) after the welcome screen. use this until you get to restart your ide and then make it stop showing the welcome screen.


on ubuntu 16.4 welcome screen is blank and there is no way to disable it. installing libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 as suggested on eclipse site work just partially and no check box are showed.

last resource: find where are your plugin directory and remove


in my installation was at


just a note: in the last 4/5 years eclipse's bugs was raising very fast :( ....


to be precise you don't need to restart eclipse, but close "affected" document only. it works for me - oxygen.2 release (4.7.2)


i've got the same problem with eclipse-oxygen and disabling the welcome screen fixed the issue. i gave this answer just to confirm the solutions explained above also work for the following eclipse version;

1: eclipse-oxygen version: oxygen.1a release (4.7.1a) (released on october 2017)

2: version: oxygen.3a release (4.7.3a) build id: 20180405-1200


this issue is caused by the welcome screen. uncheck the "always show..." checkbox on you welcome screen.

if welcome screen of your eclipse distribution does not have the "always show..." checkbox, then another option to disable welcome screen is to create file in your workspace:


and insert following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<state reopen="false"/>


i had an issue just like this with eclipse neon. i was baffled by answers i was finding about the welcome screen, but i disabled it, and apparently that was causing the issue, because ctrl+shift+right/left worked, after disabling it. in neon, the welcome screen has an "always show welcome at startup" box you can uncheck, in the lower right corner of the welcome screen when it appears. after unchecking it, selecting words worked, again. somehow.

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