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ctrl + d

from help->key assist... there are all kinds of useful keyboard shortcuts for eclipse.

for mac users: + d


press ctrl+shift+l twice and press tab then you can type to find your shortkeys


and if you want it as a list to take a print or something, here is a link to the eclipse shortcut pdf.

shortcut to pdf page


to quickly find shortcuts, hit ctrl + l, ctrl + l (ctrl+l twice), then type something approximating what your command does in the filter text for the key assignments. this works pretty well for most shortcuts, although it can be a bit tricky for some where the name of their menu assignment bears no relation to that of their command in this list (for instance, team->revert to base appears in the keys list as 'replace with latest from repository'), so sometimes a little lateral thought is required :-) if no shortcut exists, it's easy to add one in the keys dialog.


if your are using mac then it is

command + d  => ⌘ + d


you can reassign the delete line command to your favourite hotkey.

now type "delete" and reassign the filtered commando.


ctrl + d should delete the line.


in the future, if you need to quickly find a keyboard shortcut for something simple, just hit ctrl+shift+l.

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