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i use file -> switch workspace -> other... and type in my new workspace name.

new workspace composite screenshot (edit: added the composite screen shot.)

once in the new workspace, file -> import... and under general choose "existing projects into workspace. press the next button and then browse for the old projects you would like to import. check "copy projects into workspace" to make a copy.


you can create multiple workspaces in eclipse. you have to just specify the path of the workspace during eclipse startup. you can even switch workspaces via file→switch workspace.

you can then import project to your workspace, copy paste project to your new workspace folder, then

file→import→existing project in to workspace→select project.


in window->preferences->general->startup and shutdown->workspaces, make sure that 'prompt for workspace on startup' is checked.

then close eclipse and reopen.

then you'll be prompted for a workspace to open. you can create a new workspace from that dialogue.

or file->switch workspace->other...

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