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it looks like eclipse has changed a bit,
but the following method which worked for me seems very close to the old one.

the solution consists of 2 steps:

  1. first you have to update eclipse's preferences (window > preferences):

    update eclipse's preferences

    make sure that you check both manual & build next to the validator you need
    (in my case - a javascript one).

  2. last you should change your project's validators:

    update project's validators

    click on client-side javascript settings (or any other validator you need):

    validator settings

    the explanation is clear but basically what you should do is as follows:

    click on add exclude group..., select it and then click on add rule....
    then pick folder or file name (note that there are other options), and specify your file/folder.

you should be able to verify that its working by deleting the existing errors/warnings,
and then left-click your project and select the validate option.

this setting can be committed into source control as well.


one way is that : 1.remove javascript -> validator -> errors/warning. 2.remove project -> .project file -> javascript command is important,too! delete js file and import again.


with eclipse luna i was getting this as well. i did a right click on jquery.jqgrid.min.js and selected 'validate'. it then validated fine and the errors went away.


perform these steps to solve this(this will disable eclipse validation for javascript): 1. go to eclipse > preference > javascript> validators > errors/warnings 2. uncheck "enable javascript semantic validation".

if you have messed around with the javascript settings in your projects, then restore everything to default first for all the projects that u have changed. after that, follow the steps.


i had javascript errors seen on jquery mobile file on an android phonegap project. i simply removed the file from the project and add it afterwards. it works now.


not sure if it'll work for all. but what i did was select the unnecessary errors in 'problems' tab of eclipse, rclick and delete. eclipse stopped showing the error..

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