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this issue will be fixed in eclipse 3.7 (indigo). while "refresh automatically" does eventually bring resources back into sync, the refresh hook only exists for windows, so on linux and mac os it has to poll the filesystem periodically.

from 3.7 there's a new preference settings > general > workspace > refresh on access (aka lightweight refresh). this preference causes eclipse to automatically refresh resources when it discovers that they're 'out-of-sync'. when opening, reading or searching files, it'll prevent out-of-sync errors from occurring.

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for starting up there is an option to automatically refresh files in

window -> preferences -> general -> startup and shutdown -> refresh workspace on startup

click it in order to have a "fresh" start in eclipse. :)

version: eclipse 4.12


even if the solutions proposed by others perso are indeed correct, you have a "refresh all" plugin for eclipse. simply add the update page to your eclipse list of update sites to install it in your ide.


perhaps you should add a feature request on the eclipse site:

i think it would be a great idea to add a preference for automatically refreshing out of date resources.


yes, refresh on access is long overdue ... those answers to this and similar enquires usually suggested enabling the global auto-refresh, which could take an age for large remote projects. in fact there are those who would say that refresh on access should have been the original (< 3.x) default behaviour ...


i managed to solve this by creating a new "external tool" run config that executes a blank batch file. in the run config, you can have it refresh the workspace when complete. then i created a macro using practically macro that 1) executes the last external tool run config (refreshing the workspace), then 2) executes the last debug run config (running my app). if you uncheck "allocate console" then the completed external tool entry won't show up in the debug window.


a global refresh is really missing in eclipse. the above procedure with selecting all projects and then running refresh (e.g. f5) does not work if you have closed projects included in your selection. this means, if you have 1/2 of your many projects closed as i do, you find yourself manually ctrl-clicking through your dozens of projects. this is quite painful. i wish eclipse would simply ignore closed projects.


there is a global refresh - have nothing (or everything) selected in the package explorer and press f5 (or right-click on empty space and select refresh). of course, this could take rather long if you have large projects.


the global refresh actually exists in plain eclipse without any plugins and without selecting every project in your workspace.

basically you need to deselect everything in your project explorer and hit f5. to do that ctrl+click the selected resource in the project explorer and hit f5.


given that java 7 has an api for filesystem hooks, one would think that refresh could be handled better in eclipse.

edit: actually, there is a plugin that uses this mechanism:


eclipse helios possesses a built in refresh feature at preferences > general > workspace. it's in the same spot where you disable automatic builds. select refresh automatically. a plugin with the same functionality is andrei loskutov's filesync plugin. the update site address is: during installation, select eclipse 3.5-3.7 plugins > filesync.


out of synchronization problem is common in eclipse ide so you have to check this option windows -> preference -> workspace -> refresh using native hooks or polling.


i think if you click on the project node in the project explorer and press f5 or right click and select refresh, all resources for that project will be refreshed. also, if you ctrl+click on multiple projects, you should be able to refresh multiple projects at the same time.

a single click on a project, a ctrl+a to select everything, and an f5 should do exactly what you need - refresh everything.

i'll have to test this when i get the chance, but i believe this is how i overcame similar problems in the past.

i've noticed that this answer routinely is getting down voted. i'd like to point out that the question refers to a specific version of eclipse: 3.4.2. there was actually no automatic method to refresh out-of-sync resources until version 3.7 indigo of eclipse, as mentioned in james blackburn's answer. the method described in this answer is the only method to achieve this in version 3.4.2 (and any other version before 3.7 indigo).

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