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there is a menu entry you have discovered for yourself that toggles the skipping of all breakpoints. there is also an icon for this in the "breakpoints" view, and there may be a hot-key defined as well, all of which you may have triggered by accident.

take a look at the run -> skip all breakpoints.


1) run => skip all breakpoints. 2) run => remove all break points.

and then your debugger wont show cross sign and will keep debugging your app.


i followed these steps below to fix this

  1. select debug only tomcat server
  2. debug particular application and then prompt came whether to re enable break points and i selected yes


you should already be in debug perspective. if not just go to debug perspective. you should see disable all breakpoints button. -

enter image description here

click on it and it should allow all breakpoints.

enter image description here


the shortcut key for placing a breakpoint in eclipse (ctrl + shift + b) is quite similar to the one that skips all the breakpoint (ctrl + alt + b). hence, if a "skip all breakpoints" condition is to be cancelled, it can be achieved by pressing "ctrl + alt + b" again.


screenshot of the 'skip all breakpoints' in eclipse.

enter image description here

when you click on 'skip all breakpoints'(which is selected), everything will become normal

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