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Try Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Typing and uncheck the "Strings" checkbox in the "Automatically close" group.


The location for similar auto quoting capabilities in PyDev for eclipse: Windows -> PyDev -> Editor -> Typing -> "Automatic literal closing."

In order to enable pressing enter to exit the quotes check "Enable link on automatic parentheses or literals closing."


Jump out of the quotes by simply hitting Enter when you are done typing the string contents (at least, in the java editor).


To turn off auto quotes in Titanium Studio, under preferences -> Titanium Studio -> Editors -> uncheck "Auto-close matching character pairs"


You could also hit quote when you want to exit the auto-complete quote. This will put you outside the quote as if you closed it yourself. So this feature doesn't really break the flow of you programing.


You need to turn this feature off for all editors: Go to Preferences and in the "type filer text" box type "typing". Then click on each result and un-check all unwanted automatically close options.

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