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My answer was found in the Changes in D3 5.0 doc.

D3 no longer provides the d3.schemeCategory20* categorical color schemes. These twenty-color schemes were flawed because their grouped design could falsely imply relationships in the data: a shared hue can imply that the encoded data are part of a group (a super-category), while relative lightness can imply order. Instead, D3 now includes d3-scale-chromatic, which implements excellent schemes from ColorBrewer, including categorical, diverging, sequential single-hue and sequential multi-hue schemes. These schemes are available in both discrete and continuous variants.

I was searching for issues with d3.schemeCategory20c so I kept getting old posts, this morning when I console'd d3.schemeCategory20c (something I should've did a while ago) and found it to be undefined. I figured it out.

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