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i do not have numbers or trials but i can say that i have seen d3 go slow after certain data sizes especially for certain types of graphs. 500.000 seems to be quite huge in terms of data points so if you have no way to reduce that number by aggregation (such as representing 10 day data as 1 day) you might be right about worrying.

as in all performance related questions, the best way to know is to test it, so i can advice you to test it and see if it fits your requirements. if it does not you might want to try some of the non-free libraries such as highcharts. another free library which satisfies me with its performance is chart.js (although it only has 6 charts supported).


i don't think that using d3 for representing a massive amounts of data is the right choice due to performance:

  • vector graphics javascript library like d3 are quite heavy(for the client) to run.
  • complex visualization logic can easily hang the browser for multiple seconds.
  • large data manipulation using dom could be slow.

try something like graphviz or gephi that maybe could be more suitable for your requests.

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