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You could use CSS to style the graph, for example

path.domain { stroke: white; }
.tick text { stroke: yellow; }
.c3-legend-item text { stroke: grey; }

To make the axis white, the tick labels yellow, and the legend text grey.


Try also changing the color of the fill if you don't want to use a stroke:

path.domain { fill: white; }
.tick text { fill: yellow; }
.c3-legend-item text { fill: grey; }


You can attempt to adjust the CSS properties of the path and line. See the example CSS below as a helper.

.c3 .c3-axis-x path,
.c3 .c3-axis-x line {
  stroke: red;

.c3 .c3-axis-y path,
.c3 .c3-axis-y line {
  stroke: blue;


.c3 path, .c3 line, .tick text { 
  stroke: white;

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