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If d.values is an array you can use Array.prototype.filter() to extract all values different from 0 from it. The following will bind only non-zero values and create circles only for these:

.data(function(d) {
    return d.values.filter(function(v) { return v != 0; });


Firstly, I'm assuming that you meant something more like .data(dataFromBackend, function (d) { return d.values; }), otherwise there's no bind!

Anyway, to do what you're describing, and making the assumption that you're not bothered about having the 0-values in the bind at all, you can simply do:

filteredData = backendData.filter(function (d) {
    return d.value != 0;

There's a detailed reference for .filter here, but briefly, the function passed to .filter is called for every element in backendData, with each element referred to by d in the usual way. The return value should be boolean (true or false), but will work with anything, using 'truthiness'. Any element the function returns something 'truthy' for will be included in the final array (filteredData in my example), any element the function returned something 'falsey' will not.

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