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When I start a new chart with d3, I find it best to start with a known simple set-up example to place my drawing g, axis, etc... This is my usual starting point.

That said, here's list of issues I see in your chart:

  1. Not placing x-axis dynamically.
  2. svg container is sized wrong and ends up on top of axis.
  3. Attempting to append a text axis label to y axis but you never actually append the text (and then apply attributes and styling to the axis itself instead of that missing text element).

Cleaning this all up looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

  <script data-require="d3@4.0.0" data-semver="4.0.0" src=""></script>

    const margin = {
      top: 100,
      right: 50,
      left: 50,
      bottom: 50
    const width = 500 - margin.right - margin.left;
    const height = 500 - - margin.bottom;

    //d3.csv("data.csv", (error, data) => {
    //  if (error) throw error;
      var data = [{"Name":"A1_P1","Category":"A01","Score 1":"2.3","Score 2":"2.4","Score 3":"4.1","Average score":"2.4"},{"Name":"A2_P1","Category":"A02","Score 1":"1.4","Score 2":"1.5","Score 3":"2.4","Average score":"1.5"},{"Name":"A3_P1","Category":"A03","Score 1":"0.9","Score 2":"0.9","Score 3":"0.9","Average score":"0.9"},{"Name":"A4_P1","Category":"B01","Score 1":"1.5","Score 2":"1.5","Score 3":"1","Average score":"1.5"},{"Name":"A5_P1","Category":"B02","Score 1":"1.2","Score 2":"1.2","Score 3":"1.4","Average score":"1.2"},{"Name":"A6_P1","Category":"B03","Score 1":"1","Score 2":"1","Score 3":"1.1","Average score":"1"},{"Name":"A7_P1","Category":"C01","Score 1":"1.6","Score 2":"1.2","Score 3":"1","Average score":"1.2"},{"Name":"A8_P1","Category":"C02","Score 1":"1.2","Score 2":"1.2","Score 3":"0.9","Average score":"1.2"},{"Name":"A9_P1","Category":"C03","Score 1":"1.1","Score 2":"1.1","Score 3":"1","Average score":"1.1"},{"Name":"A10_P1","Category":"D01","Score 1":"1.5","Score 2":"1.6","Score 3":"1.1","Average score":"1.5"}];

      const x = (d) => d["Category"];

      const xScale = d3.scalePoint()
        .domain( => d["Category"]))
        .range([0, width]);
      const xMap = (d) => xScale(x(d));

      const xAxis = d3.axisBottom().scale(xScale);

      // Plotting Score 1 for now
      const y = (d) => d["Score 1"];
      const yScale = d3.scaleLinear()
        .domain([0, d3.max(data, y)])
        .range([height, 0]);

      const yMap = (d) => yScale(y(d))

      const yAxis = d3.axisLeft().scale(yScale);

      const svg ='body')
        .attr('width', width + margin.right + margin.left)
        .attr('height', height + + margin.bottom)
        .attr('transform', 'translate(' + margin.left + ',' + + ')');

        .attr('class', 'axis axis--x')
        .attr('transform', 'translate(0,' + height + ')')
        .attr('class', 'label')
        .attr('x', width)
        .attr('y', -6)
        .style('text-anchor', 'middle')

        .attr('class', 'axis axis--y')
        .attr('transform', 'rotate(-90)')
        .attr('y', 0 - margin.left)
        .attr('x', 0 - (height / 2))
        .attr("dy", "1em")
        .style('text-anchor', 'middle')
        .style('fill', 'black')

        .attr('class', 'dot')
        .attr('cx', xMap)
        .attr('cy', yMap)
        .attr('r', 3.5)
        .attr('fill', 'red');


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