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I don't think there is a an option to put logic in the fillkey selection. I'd recommend processing the data to assign a fillkey before giving it to Datamaps. I made a codepen to demonstrate. Also, the "fills" data has duplicate keys and hex values that do not match the color described.

var stateData = {
        AZ: {
                userVisits: 5
        CO: {
                userVisits: 15
        DE: {
                userVisits: 32

function addFillKey(mapData){
  for (var mapDatum in mapData){
        var userVisits = mapData[mapDatum].userVisits;
        if(userVisits < 10){
            mapData[mapDatum].fillKey = "lightBlue"
        }else if(userVisits < 20){
            mapData[mapDatum].fillKey = "justBlue"
            mapData[mapDatum].fillKey = "mediumBlue"


var map = new Datamap({
  element: document.getElementById('container'),
  scope: 'usa',
  fills: {
    'lightBlue': '#cc4731',
    'justBlue': '#306596',
    'deepBlue': '#667faf',
    'mediumBlue': '#a9c0de',
    'deepBlue': '#ca5e5b',              
    'defaultFill': '#eddc4e'
  data: stateData


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