I'm currently working on a similar project myself and figured this could be pretty helpful.. It seems you were really close, just needed to adjust a few minor paths to reach parent/child nodes..

Basically "source" is now "parent" and there is no "target". You can see most of the updates where commented out lines are v3 with v4 updates just below. For example: -->
link.source.children.length --> link.parent.children.length
link.source.size -->

There's a few other miscellaneous updates throughout the code as well. The one thing I couldn't get working fully were the "Expand All/Collapse All" buttons. "Expand All" seems to work ok, but "Collapse All" seems to leave the link paths alone..

Here's a working fiddle:

I suspect there's something that can be done to the exit link but not sure. Anyways it's a step in the right direction. Hope you figure out the rest ok..

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