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Since you have changed the name of class Visual to BarChart You need to change the value of "visualClassName" property to your class name which in your case is BarChart in pbiviz.json file. See the link :

Also you will have to change the file name in "files" property array in tsconfig.json file.


It's most likely an API version conflict for pbiviz.

Note that the Github repo you referred is using v1.5.0, you need to specify version number when running pbiviz update:

#Update your version of pbiviz
npm install -g powerbi-visuals-tools

#Run update from the root of your visual project (where pbiviz.json is located)
pbiviz update 1.5.0

Read more at: Microsoft/PowerBI-visuals


I think I've spotted the bug from the hint: typeof barchart.

JavaScript identifiers are case-sensitive. So make sure you're following the cases used in the Github repo, e.g. BarChart, not barchart. (Or whatever it is)

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