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To update domain across all line charts, we need to recalculate the domain before new data gets pushed in.


var newDomain = d3.extent( {
  return aData[cont][d]
var oldDomain = y.domain()
newDomain[0] = newDomain[0] < oldDomain[0] ? newDomain[0] : oldDomain[0]
newDomain[1] = newDomain[1] > oldDomain[1] ? newDomain[1] : oldDomain[1]

With respect to graph getting trimmed, data needs to be manipulated ( In your case, 14 arrays, push and shift operation to the array and D3 transition) all within a 1ms, which may not be enough. Unfortunately I don't have any resource to back this up. In case anyone can edit this answer to provide proof, please feel free.

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