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you can create multiple scaleBands, for rank_bucket, nation and group.

For each scales' range width, use the each bandwidth() of the preceding scale. For example,

var xscale_rank_bucket = d3.scaleBand()

var xscale_nation = d3.scaleBand()

You had done some of this already, but it just needed extending to the third scale.

Also, you can create multiple x-axes for nation and rank_bucket. For the nation axes, you will need one per rank_bucket, so you can add them based on a rank_bucket data join, for example:

var axisNationG = axes.selectAll(".axis-nation")
      .attr("transform", function(d){
        return "translate(" + xscale_rank_bucket(d) + ",0)"
      .attr("class", "x axis")

The axes can be translated and styled to look like your mock up.

PS - The updated fiddle uses Sets to extract the unique values for each scale, and converts the Sets to Arrays for use in the scales and data joins.

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