Even though it seems logic to apply fill:none in the dc.css it did not work for me. The initial solution was:

.on('renderlet', function (chart) {
    .style('fill', 'none')

But then it rendered first with the fill (inside componentDidMount,React).Than I settled for putting the style in the index.html page as instructed here :

         path.line {
         fill: none;
         stroke: green;
         stroke-width: 1.5px;

This one works just fine,but still interested in applying the style inside the css and not taking the style into the html.


This looks like a CSS problem. A bit hard to tell without the HTML and CSS posted, but at a guess, you should add:

fill: none;

to one of the CSS classes that you're using in your SVG elements. The dc.css file that comes with the dc.js distribution would normally take care of that, but perhaps it's been edited.

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