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Firstly, Make Sure that your Java Script file visualization.js is still exists or check that according to you,visualization.js should located in the same directory which your html file located.

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But if it isn't thats the reason for getting 404 error,I recommend you to check the directory which your visualization.js file currently exists.

Try this;

Eg:- <script src="directory/visualization.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

In here I mean by directory is the directory what your visualization.js is currently located.


I have a few:

  1. try putting the './visualization.js' in src.
  2. Check the spelling.
  3. Put this line at the end of the tag.


You can use an npm package assets.

After using it you may use method resolver.path().

Now, instead of writing this:

var url = '/assets/images/icons/create.png';

You can write this:

var url = resolver.path('icons/create.png');


It sounds like you're running the server from a different working directory to where the HTML/JS files are stored. If you have this directory structure:

 └── static
      ├── index.html
      └── visualization.js

... and you've launched the server from the app directory, then the browser will be looking for visualization.js here:

 ├── static
 │    └── ...
 ├── index.html
 └── visualization.js <-

Make sure you're running the server from the same directory which contains the visualization.js.

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