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Solved this problem by hand, thanks to Beautiful Soup. In python-nvd3 I generate HTML plots, than I parse them with Beautiful Soup, and append bodies elements from all plots to the first one, and write it to disk. Just a couple of lines.

btw, very handy thing for html parsing:


You are unable to place same type of charts on same page because they have same id i.e. they will over-right each other. For me, I simply replaced id with some unique id. For example, say I have multiple lineCharts, I do something like to the generated script:

linechart_script1.replace('data_linechart_with_interactive_guideline', 'data_linechart_with_interactive_guideline_1')

linechart_script2.replace('data_linechart_with_interactive_guideline', 'data_linechart_with_interactive_guideline_2')

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