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Have you tried to reset your x property of the graph after setting the crossfilter filter

I have a somewhat similar case and what I do after each action that changes the filtered values is something along the lines of


after creating/setting the filters

Tried to do something like that

$('#filter').on('click', function(){
    var minDate =[4].startDate;
    var maxDate =[0].startDate;

    tripVolume.filter([minDate, maxDate]);



Better answer per the discussion in the comment is to add the filter to the dimension, not the chart

Finally, one needs to realize what is mentioned in

Note: a grouping intersects the crossfilter's current filters, except for the associated dimension's filter. Thus, group methods consider only records that satisfy every filter except this dimension's filter. So, if the crossfilter of payments is filtered by type and total, then group by total only observes the filter by type.

(also see

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