here is working code my side with some comments, in case someone need it.

    var ref_cycle ="#ref_cycle"); 
        //^ get the reference cycle obj

    var clone_template ="#group"); 
        //^ get the template obj, for later select and clone use

    var clone_trans_x = ref_cycle.attr("cx") -"#inner-ref").attr("cx");
    var clone_trans_y = ref_cycle.attr("cy") -"#inner-ref").attr("cy");
        // to make select be simple, add an id tag in svg group's <circle id="inner-ref" ></circle> first.
        // do the math on offset of two objects    

    clone_template.clone(true).attr("transform", "translate(" + [clone_trans_x, clone_trans_y] + ")");
       // clone it 

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