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Indeed, the problem is in that part of the code: Demo

var layer = svg.selectAll(".layer")

    .attr("class", "layer");

// Set the colors in the `update` cycle, not the `enter` cycle."fill", function (d, i) {
    return color(i);


There is an interesting history of why this behaves this way. In earlier versions of D3, the enter and update set of elements were kept separate, just like update and exit events are still kept separate, i.e. operations you performed on the update set would not be performed on the exit set and vice-versa.

However, in version 2.0 of D3, it was decided that any element appended in the enter phase would also become a part of the update set. This was done because often the enter set of elements and the update set of elements needed to have the exact same operation performed on them (like in your case). To avoid this effect, you'll need to write the update phase before the enter phase.

Hence, in the enter cycle, elements should be appended and their initial attributes should should be set while their final values (which they should have in static state) should be set in the update cycle.

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