I don't have your code in entirety, but I think you are adding text INTO circles, and since circles are small, you don't see the text.

Now, your nodes are currently circles (I just suppose). If you want both circles and text for each node, your nodes should be svg g elements (g stands for "group"), and to each such g element you assign a circle and a text. More about that you can find here (code is included there too)

EDIT: Once you see labels, you will like to position them in a nice way in relation to nodes. Here is an almost official recommendation related to positioning labels to the nodes of a graph:

For vertical alignment, use the "dy" attribute:

by default, the baseline of the text is at the origin (bottom-aligned)
a dy of .35em centers the text vertically
a dy of .72em places the topline of the text at the origin (top-aligned)

Using em units is nice because it will scale automatically based on the font size. If you don't specify units, it defaults to pixels.

For horizontal alignment, use the "text-anchor" attribute:

the default is "start" (left-aligned for left-to-right languages)

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