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I think I may be able to help you. Assuming that your circles are already displayed on the SVG, one way to do it is build a new array of values when your button is clicked that are of type "Public" or "Private". Something like this:

publicButton.on("click", function() { 
newData = [];
for(i in existingDataArray) {
if(existingDataArray[i]["Type"] == "Public")

Now you can use this new data with the .data().enter().exit().remove() methods that you mentioned to append new data to your circle objects. After that you can remove those circles that aren't in the new data, and keep those that are. Those that you keep you can then doing something to them like update their color or nothing at all if you like. Sort of like this:

var circles = svg.selectAll("circle").data(newData);
circles.enter().attr("fill", ...);

Hopefully this helps some, let me know if you have any questions.

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