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Figured out the answer. To manipulate nvd3 with clojurescript you need to make sure that all of the nvd3 "options" are formatted like this:

(. chart (forceX #js [0 1 2 3 4 5 6]))
(.. chart -xAxis 
    (axisLabel "Day of the week") 
    (tickValues (.range js/d3 0 6 1))
    (tickFormat (fn [d] (nth week d))))

;(. chart (yRange #js [chart.height 0]))
(. chart (yDomain #js [chart.height 0]))
(. chart (yScale (js/d3.time.scale.utc.)))

They cannot be put in the let[].

So to answer the original question - it can be achieved with (.chart (forceX #js [yourRange])).

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