This might help you:

Edit: updated link to API v4


firstly, you need a page on the server that will output the data in JSON format*. Once you have that page, call it from the browser, and you should get the encoded data appearing on screen (this will prove that the page is hosted properly and returning data)

Next, follow the simple example on the D3 docs link that Yeco posted. You'll need to replace the dummy URL with the address to your new data page, and stick your own function call in there to redraw the chart with the new data.

*Note: I am not familiar with PHP, but it should have either a native JSON encoder, or a library will be available on the net. You'll also need to make sure you set the response mime type appropriately - a quick google should give you the correct mime type - it's something like 'application/json' I think, but can't remember of the top of my head

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