Here is what I ended up doing in my load method:

load: function() {
    var $container = this.container;
    var color = this.color;
    var treemap = this.treemap;
    var position = this.position;
    var tooltip = this.tooltip;
    var url = this.base_url + "?" + this.url_fragment();

    console.log("D3View.load: " + url);

    d3.json(url, function(error, root) {
        var tooltip_mouseover = function(d) {
            tooltip.html( + ": " + Math.floor(d.value))
              .style("visibility", "visible");
   = "hand";
        var tooltip_mouseout = function(){
  "visibility", "hidden");
        var background_color = function(d) { return d.children ? color( : null; };
        var text_format = function(d) { return d.children ? null :; };

         * Refresh sticky bit
         * "Implementation note: sticky treemaps cache the array of nodes internally; therefore, it
         * is not possible to reuse the same layout instance on multiple datasets. To reset the
         * cached state when switching datasets with a sticky layout, call sticky(true) again."

        /* 'root' actually means the data retrieved by the xhr call */
        var nodes = $container.datum(root)

        var enter = nodes.enter().append("div")
            .attr("class", "node")
            .style("background", background_color)
            .on("mouseover", tooltip_mouseover)
            .on("mouseout", tooltip_mouseout);

        var exit = nodes.exit().remove();

        var update ="background", background_color)

        d3.selectAll("input").on("change", function change() {
            var functions = {
                count: function(d) { return d.count; },
                size: function(d) { return d.size; },
                avg: function(d) { return d.size / d.count; }
            var value = functions[this.value];


There are two important changes:

  1. Reset treemap sticky bit
  2. Use enter/exit/update selections for new/missing/changed nodes/data

Notice also that enter nodes have the side effect of adding a div of class node and the exit and update nodes do not reference that div-class -- except they do, in the creation of nodes. If add a further selection on node-class in those places, your selection will be empty and the exit and update code will be no-ops.

Thanks to AmeliaBR for posting a really helpful comment with a link to an SO answer she composed.

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