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D3.js version four will break a fair amount of code from version three. The reason being the "great namespace flattening" of version 4.

The following methods relating to scales have changed:

d3.scale.linear ↦ d3.scaleLinear
d3.scale.sqrt ↦ d3.scaleSqrt
d3.scale.pow ↦ d3.scalePow
d3.scale.log ↦ d3.scaleLog
d3.scale.quantize ↦ d3.scaleQuantize
d3.scale.threshold ↦ d3.scaleThreshold
d3.scale.quantile ↦ d3.scaleQuantile
d3.scale.identity ↦ d3.scaleIdentity
d3.scale.ordinal ↦ d3.scaleOrdinal
d3.time.scale ↦ d3.scaleTime
d3.time.scale.utc ↦ d3.scaleUtc

So, your d3.scale.linear() should read d3.scaleLinear()

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