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The problem is your CSS.

This rule applies to every first child of any element that is inside a .line-chart-container, also to the brush overlay.

.line-chart-container :nth-child(1) {
  height: 15em;

This is also true for the :nth-child(2).

Replacing the 2 CSS height rules for the actual div elements

#line-chart-1 {
  height: 15em;
#line-chart-1-range {
  height: 2em;

removes the 2 large bars.

Also your line chart and range chart are not aligned, they have different widths and margins.

  //.width(getWidth('line-chart-1-range')) /* dc.barChart('#monthly-volume-chart', 'chartGroup'); */
  //.margins({top: 0, right: 50, bottom: 20, left: 80})
  .margins({top: 0, right: 10, bottom: 20, left: 80})
  .valueAccessor(d => d.value / circulationValuesMap[d.key])
  .x(d3.scaleTime().domain([new Date(1925, 0, 1), new Date(1927, 0, 1)]))
  .xUnits(() => 200);

All the bars have tool tips, you can't see them because the brush is catching all the mouse events. Maybe it is possible to disable tool tips for this chart

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