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tl;dr : d3 in meteor on windows doesn't work for now, so run in ubuntu or mac

the d3 package is bad, do 'meteor add d3js:d3' instead

the meteor d3 is older, so use 'topojson.features', not 'topojson.objects'

Let me share with you how I solved this. I was running meteor on windows, which is a problem because it doesn't seem like there is a d3 (or maybe topojson) package that works on windows (d3.json doesn't seem to be able to parse the json file, gives error of 'unexpected symbol at line 1 row 1 of json file').

It also seems like the d3 package isn't great, but the d3js:d3 package works. Finally, it seems like the meteor d3js:d3 package is an older version of d3, for which you have to use 'topojson.features' instead of 'topojson.objects'.

So, after deploying in in ubuntu with those fixes, it worked.


The json files are fetched by url to /data/geo/countries.topo.json. Meteor matches the / path to the /public directory.

This means the json files are available in the /public/data/geo directory, or more specifically here:

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