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The problem is related to the position of your <script> .. </script> within the html document.

No body element exists yet at the moment that your script is being executed. That means that"body") will be empty, and no div.chart is being appended.

Try to move your <script> .. </script> inside the <body> .. </body> part. This will guarantee that the body element exists when your code is being executed.


Using the inside the body makes it not only available to the tag or any of the but also executes it faster. Also as div is a tag u could create a class eg. one and then use it as".one") so that it doesn't coincide.


If you do not wish to put your <script> tags within the <body> element, you can also tell the browser to execute your d3 code (or any other JavaScript code) after the DOM is ready.

Using a library such as jQuery, you can use:

$( document ).ready(function() {
  // Your d3 code here

This will ensure that your scripts are executed after the whole DOM is ready, including the <body> element.

For reference, examples and a shorter version of jQuery ready function, see

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