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You want the method .call(function(d))

This will run your function once, passing d as the array of all of the data you have provided. i is not defined for using call after enter().

If you want to draw multiple boxes, based on d, your code would look something like this:


I've created a basic fiddle of this here.

Note that this is what you want to use if you want to call a function on the selection returned by .enter() in the same spot as you're using it. It's also possible to bind a function to the enter event of a given DOM element by using .on('enter',function), but this would require that the element that you are entering data into already exist.


The callback passed to the call method is actually passed the selection, not the data.{/* this === selection */});

So, what you were probably looking for is the each method.

enterSelection.each(function(d,  i){/* this is selection */ drawBoxes(150,20,d);});

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