Accepted answer

To identify your "special" nodes, you could add another attribute to the data that identifies them. Then you can check this in your highlighting function and get second-degree neighbours if necessary. The code would look something like this.

function fade(opacity,color) {
    return function(d) {
        var connected = [d];
        if(d.isAuxiliary) {
            node.each(function(o) { if(isConnected(d, o)) { connected.push(o); } });
        }"stroke-opacity", function(o) {
            thisOpacity = opacity;
            connected.forEach(function(e) { 
                if(isConnected(e, o)) { thisOpacity = 1; }
            this.setAttribute('fill-opacity', thisOpacity);
            return thisOpacity;
        // similar for links

You can adapt this code to do an arbitrary level of neighbours.

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