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Possibly the easiest way to do this is to make your data an array of Objects, instead of just an Array, e.g.

{id: 1, book: ["The Caves of Steel", "Isaac Asimov"], ...}

Then you can set the data-id of each row using the id attribute, and add tds for the book. Here's the code I used to get your example working:

// Add the header
    .data(columns.slice(1, columns.length)) // skip the first column (IDs)
        .text(function ( d ) { return d; })

// Reformat the nested Arrays into an Array of Objects,
// then set the 'data-id' of each row
var rows = tbody.selectAll("tr")
    .data({ return {id: d[0], book: d.slice(1, d.length)}; }))
    .append("tr").attr("data-id", function( d ){  return; });

// Append the author and title for each book
var cells = rows.selectAll("td")
    .data(function ( d ) { return; })
    .text(function( d ) { return d; });

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