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Here is what I could do:

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The basis is to have two values per item. To simplify things we can say that all values have to be positive, the first one will be displayed on the right, the second one on the left.

From the example you provided, we will just plot the second value we add:

data = [
    {name: "A",value: 1,value2: 2},

We will also fix the domain (you can write a function to do it nicely afterwards):


Finally, we will draw the second bars (on the left):

    .attr("class", "bar2")
    .attr("x", function (d) {
    return x(Math.min(0, -d.value2));
    .attr("y", function (d) {
    return y(;
    .attr("width", function (d) {
    return Math.abs(x(-d.value2) - x(0));
    .attr("height", y.rangeBand());

This code is just copy paste from the example where I replaced d.value by -d.value1 and .bar by .bar2 for the class.

You will also have to modify the x-axis format for having "75, 50, 25, 0, 25, 50, 75".


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