I used duplicate elements for the graph.

First, a print version for the graph is rendered with width to match the paper size. Then it's hidden, and a screen version is shown instead.

Details for AngularJS solution in this answer.


Same problem here in 2022 (1).

I ended up delaying printing by milliseconds (2):

function print()
    window.onafterprint = afterPrint; // This one occurs at the right time, keep it.
    window.setTimeout(window.print, 500);

(plugged to a "Print" button, and to Ctrl-P as shown by How to Disable the CTRL+P using javascript or Jquery? ; alas beforeprint could not be trapped like Ctrl-P)

(contrary to @jsruok 's solution, my print-oriented shadow SVG is pretty big so I did not want to keep it hidden while handling the "main" SVG, I need it to be generated once at print time then discarded)

(1) To print a "big" SVG, I replace it with multiple, page-sized SVGs (think mosaic) which each show part of the big picture by <use transform="translate()">'ing it.

(2) It seems to me that Firefox' SVG rendering is delayed, as if in a setTimeout(0), contrary to HTML DOM elements:

  • Ctrl-P
    • onbeforeprint called
      • add DOM elements
      • add SVG elements
      • return
    • Firefox grabs DOM to generate the print preview: new DOM elements are taken into account, but new SVGs display as blank
    • onafterprint called
  • new loop iteration, SVG gets rendered
  • now if Ctrl-P'rinting, the generated mosaic appears in print preview

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