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If you point a <use> element at a <rect> the width/height of the <use> are ignored according to the SVG specification

I recomment you put the <rect> in a <symbol>, and then have the use reference the symbol. That way the width/height of the use will apply to the rect. You probably want to make the rect's width/height 100% within the symbol.

In other words, something like this should work:

  .attr("class", "rectdef")
  .attr("id", function (d, i){return "rect" +;})
  .attr("x", 0)           // overridden below
  .attr("width", "100%")  // overridden below
  .attr("y", 0)           // overridden below
  .attr("height", function (d, i){return d.height});

  .attr("class", "bar")
  .attr("xlink:href",function (d){return "#rect"+d.type;})
  .attr("x", function(d) { return d.x })
  .attr("width", function (d) {return d.w;})  // this correctly adjusts width!
  .attr("y", function (d) {return 0;});

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