Thanks for that...I used this function with an inline if-clause to handle a different x-axis series with names instead of numbers.

The factions Array consists of all relevant names sorted by the indexes of the series who then just get matched with its corresponding index in the data.

xAxis = d3.svg.axis().scale(xScale)
            .tickFormat(function(d) { 

                if(seriesX == 'seriesValue'){ 
                    return factions[d]}

                    return d}



Just sort the svg.pointsNames before you apply them as tickValues. Make sure you sort them in exactly the same way that you sort your data. This way, a one-one mapping is always maintained between your labels and tick values.

Also if I may, check out the tickFormat` function here. This seems a better option to me.

//Tick format example
chart,xAxis.tickFormat(function(d, i){
    return "Year" + d //"Year1 Year2, etc depending on the tick value - 0,1,2,3,4"

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