I've received a crash log in iTunes for:

Dyld Message: Library not loaded: @rpath/Foo.framework/Foo

There are several of these, each for a different framework that is included in the app, although there isn't one for every framework.

I understand what a "library not loaded" crash means, and how to fix one that is happening on every run of the app - it's just "add the framework to copy files, because you forgot to before". My impression is an app should either crash with this error every time it is run, or none of the times it is run - either the framework is included in the bundle, or it isn't.

A few more details:

  • I can't reproduce this, and the vast majority of users seem to be getting along fine.
  • There are crash reports for both workspace (normal "Copy Files") and Carthage (carthage copy-frameworks) frameworks.

What should I do to investigate and fix these crashes?


Accepted answer

This appears to happen when the device itself runs too low on memory. It's an iOS bug that should be fixed in iOS 9.3.2 (released May 16, 2016). The users that experience have many apps crashing for them during launch. The only way they can solve it is by restarting their device.

The issue is caused by apps using too many (third party) Frameworks. So you can either remove Frameworks (by for example copying third party code into your project) or wait for users to get the iOS update with the fix.

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