It does not look like there's a title option in the canvas. Your best bet would likely be to bind another element in the template.


  <h3>{{ barChartTitle }}</h3>
  <div style="display: block">
    <canvas baseChart


public barChartOptions: ChartConfiguration['options'] = {
 scales: {
   x: {  ticks: {
     maxRotation: 70,
     minRotation: 70,
   y: {
     max: 20,
     min: -20, 
 plugins: {
   title: {
     display: true,
     text: 'Title Chart'
   legend: {
     display: true,
     position: 'bottom',
   datalabels: {
     anchor: 'end',
     align: 'end'


You can specify it as part of the chart options, e.g.

  private barChartOptions = {
    title: {
      text: 'my title',
      display: true

You can specify additional properties for font size etc, see the docs at:

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