looks like your typescript compiler is complaining because the chart type property is a specific type rather than a string.

option 1:

import charttype and cast type as charttype.

import {  chart, charttype, ...} from 'chart.js';


function createchartconfig({labels, data, label, color}: chartconfig) {
  return {
    type: 'line' as charttype,
    options: {

option 2: (the easier/hacky way)

cast the entire config as any.

new chart(gainctx, createchartconfig(gainconfig) as any);

in any case, you will need to import and register the needed controllers, elements, scales, etc. registering registerables registers everything, but it is better to register only what you require for your specific chart. see the integration instructions for more information.

import { chart, registerables } from 'chart.js';

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