Just add height tag in canvas element. This solved for me.

<canvas id="Chart" height="50">


You have the barThickness option as mentionned in the docs here ->


While this is not an official fix, it worked for me. I took advice from this link,

I store all my values within multiple arrays, so count number of objects and multiply by a specific number and set height of your chart wrapper ( div around the chart ).

<div class="chart-wrapper horizontalBar" style="position: relative; height: 50vh;">
    <canvas id="chart-location"></canvas>

Then after the chart is drawn, set the height (location_labels is an array housing all my labels)

$( ".horizontalBar" ).height(location_labels.length * 30);


Simply increase the canvas height. For Example;

<canvas id="horizontalbar" height="1000px"></canvas>

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