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I would like to thank @OwenM for his time and help. After some back and forth conversation with him at the Vue.Draggable repository page Issue 664 he pointed the way to right solution and solved some final issues we ended up facing.

I am publishing the link to a CodeSandbox that contains the final solution. Although there is some room for some package fixes, the solution solves my current problem and I can move on.

Thanks once again @OwenM, really appreciate it. Cheers


All I can think of is this:

  • You use forceFallback: true and define a onStart event in Sortable
  • In that event, you use Sortable.ghost (the ghost element) and check if it has a canvas inside it
  • If it does not, then the graph is not there. If it does, you can check if it is empty by using one of the methods described here: How to check if a canvas is blank?

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