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chart.js has a new release version with 3.0.x. i think, vue-chartjs does not support it yet.

you can downgrade chart.js and try again.

chartjs [3.0.1 - published 2 days ago]

and there is a vue-chartjs issue about 22 hours ago.


yarn add vue-chartjs chart.js@2.9.4

if you are using yarn


maybe its a bit late but i have to give the answer,

what you need is to change the version of both libraries

npm install chart.js@2.7.1 vue-chartjs@3.4.0 --save

it works fine in vue2


chart.js version above 3.0.0 is not compatible, you need to downgrade chart.js npm install chart.js@2.9.4

this has solved my issue

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