i think you should put list in x like below code.

scales: {
  x: [{
    type: 'time'


this answer comes a bit late but for everyone who stumbles here: you need a date adapter. find a full list here

once you installed i.e. date-fns via npm install date-fns chartjs-adapter-date-fns --save in your root directory you have to do two things to make it work in your react project:

  1. add this at the top of your file import 'chartjs-adapter-date-fns'; and import { enus } from 'date-fns/locale';
  2. inside your options:
options = {
  scales: {
    x: {
      type: 'time',

      // add this: 
      adapters: { 
        date: {
          locale: enus, 


as stated in your error and the documentation you need an adapter to convert the dates to date objects, see documentation:


you need an adaptor as stated above. look here:

one option is to add the following cdn links.

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>


you need to install and import an adapter, in your case it's moment adapter for time series

npm install moment chartjs-adapter-moment --save

then import it in your component: import 'chartjs-adapter-moment';

for more info about adapters, check this

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