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note that there seems to be some changes going on. the actual configuration would depend on which v2.0 you are using.

for version 2.0.0-alpha

set categoryspacing for the xaxes. you can do this globally[0].categoryspacing = 0

or you can do it by chart

scales: {
    xaxes: [{
        categoryspacing: 0

fiddle -

for version 1.0.2

adjust the options barvaluespacing and bardatasetspacing to make the bars closer. this will automatically increase their width.


for me, trying 2.0 beta, what worked was to set the barpercentage on the xaxes scale option.

this is what i used:

var options = {
    data: chartdata,
    type: "bar",
    options: {
        scales: {
            xaxes: [{ barpercentage: 0.5 }]
var chart = new chart(chartctx, options);


for version 2.4.0 barthickness - manually set width of each bar in pixels. if not set, the bars are sized automatically.

options = {
    scales: {
        xaxes: [{
            barthickness : 73

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