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Just add "click" to your tooltipEvents list when specifying the options for the chart

    tooltipEvents: ["mousemove", "touchstart", "touchmove", "click"],

In the fiddle below, I've removed all other events from the list except for click to give you an idea of how it will be like on a mobile

Fiddle -


For ChartJS version 2.8.0, you will need to add both the click and mouseout events to make the tooltip behave the desired way.

The click event would make the tooltip to appear when point is clicked and the mouseout event would hide the tooltip when the mouse pointer is moved outside of the chart canvas area which is the desired behavior.

Note: Without adding the mouseout event the tooltip would not hide even when the mouse is moved or clicked outside the chart canvas area.


options: {
  events: ["click", "mouseout"],


For Chart.js v2, you can specify those events at the root level of chart options.

options: {
    events: ['click']

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