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Follup up:

Another possible issue is that you try to render canvas inside non-block element.

By default any Angular component with tag selector is inline

So you could just make it block:

:host {
  display: block;


Today current version is 2.1.0. API has changes. Version 2.0-alpha was released on 5 Jun 2015. Version that you use in jsfiddle is 2.0.0-alpha4 (22 Jun 2015, hash 9368c6079d989527dcd2072b6f18780b53e3113c)

You need to change your code as described below:

this.myChart = new Chart(ctx).Line({
  data: _data,
  options: _options

See working example with chart v2.0-alpha

If you use syntax 2.1.3 then you can write like this:

this.myChart = new Chart(ctx, {
  type: 'line',
  data: _data,
  options: _options

Example with v2.1.3


The canvas element parent MUST be a valid HTML element, it can't be an Angular2 component tag like my-app.

So this doesn't works when using Chart.js:


This works:


Not sure if this is your problem though.

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